About us

About us

Culler Credit Union acts with the awareness that in today’s market conditions, continuous communication and service quality play a key role in customer satisfaction. Our institution aims to provide services by expanding its branch network more and more every day in order to serve its customers more closely.

As a bank that prides itself on our customer service quality, we attach importance to the implementation of these standards by all our bank personnel and to adopt this as a principle. Thanks to the advanced training of our branch personnel and their experience in the banking sector, these service standards are naturally formed and implemented.

We constantly examine the market conditions, measure the risks that may arise in the market, and examine the financial situations of companies and individuals operating under these conditions in order to respond to the specific needs of our customers and to develop new products. As a result of this evaluation, we create retail and commercial banking products and offer them as an option in order to meet the financial needs of our customers.

Our foreign customers can complete their transactions in the shortest time possible by receiving efficient and fast service from our customer representatives. Thanks to the concrete agreements made with international banks for intermediary transactions, our customers can make their international transfers quickly and accordingly, they can receive privileged services from our branches or our advanced internet banking.

Our Mission

  • To be the most preferred bank in service delivery in all sectors and customer groups that make up our goal,
  • To provide complete, reliable and quality service to our customers with our qualified employees, extensive branch network and non-branch service channels,
  • To comply with our high business ethics principles without compromising,
  • Acting with an effective risk management approach,
  • Being the preferred employer and providing our employees with programs and training opportunities that encourage their personal and professional development,
  • To spread our customer-oriented approach to all our employees,
  • To support and encourage loyalty, responsibility and creativity.

In short, to be the leading bank by creating economic value by considering the benefits and happiness of customers, partners and employees.

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